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The classical music the pacific ocean waves make as they crash against the beach is awesome for my Big Tits and soothing, especially after a hard day at the real estate office.  I work as a broker to the mega rich.   I initially got into the business because I enjoyed picking out bonds and stocks and selling real estate homes.  Most of my male clients were married and I was not going to get involved with something complicated.  It had been 5 years since I got laid!  I was close to forgetting what it felt like to have a hard big cock inside my Big Tits flopping over me.  I create orgasms nightly through masturbation with a vibrator, but that was different.  No good substitute for a real bick rod.   I wanted a man I could hold on to and dig my nails into his back as I came.

As I walked on the beach decided to go for a swim and quickly undressed.  I ran into the cold water welcoming.  I was a very good swimmer and swam in the ocean often.  I swam out so far, enjoying the feel of the turbulent water on my bare skin.   Occasionally, a fish wouldrub against my pussy hair, causing ripples of goose pimples to spring up across my back.  I walked out of the water, laying down on the beach to catch my breath.  As the waves came up the beach, I placed my hand between my legs and started stroking my Big Tits and aroused pussy lips. .  The force of the waves felt good against my swollen clit .  I could almost feel the fingers reaching out of the waves, stroking my creaming cunt. 

I opened my eyes looking up at the most handsome man I had seen in a long time.  He stood over my naked body and stared with admiration. .  He asked if he could join me in masturbation as he started getting undress.   I was more than willing to have, his hard cock to ride.   I was feeling naughty.  As he got undressed, I reached up and caressed his hardening cock.  He knelt down andI gave him a hand job then a blowjob.  I moved my tongue over his shaft tasting his saltiness.  I pulled his cock deeper into my mouth as I sucked his tip.  He is pinching my nipples to insanity.  He lowered his mouth to suck on my nipples, shifting his weight, straddling his legs around my head.  His mouth moved down my chest and found its way through my natural hairy twat.  He nestled his tongue down my slit and sucking my sweet Big Tits juices.  As we sucked each other, the waves continued beating against our bodies further arousing our sexual desires.  He continued sucking my  creaming cunt, as I pulled on his rod.  It had been a long time since I had a hard cock deep inside me.   I gently pushed him away, maneuvering him onto his back.  He had the deepest blue eyes that seemed to penetrate my soul.  I eagerly straddled him between my legs, slipping monster into my slit I held him in tight, savoring the feel of having a hard monster rod inside me.  Slowly I started gyrating, I rode him like a cowgirl.  I held him down, and teased him with my nipples,.  I wanted to feel his jizz bomb explode me.  Finally, I allowed him to grab my titties suck on my extremely hardened nipples.  His face seemed familiar, but I couldn't place it.  As I rode him, I reached back and grasped his balls, gently caressing them with my hands.  I continued riding his rod like a cowgirl .  as my body spasmed with orgasmic pleasure.  I felt his cum spray within me as another wave hit us, again covering us with its body

We came together under water and it felt like an eternity.  I rolled over to my side, and asked if he would like to take a shower at my place.  He eagerly agreed.   We hastily dressed and like two naughty children ran to my place.  I turned on all 6 shower heads, and allowed the hot water to spill over my cold flesh.  He joined me, covering my body with soap suds.  We slowly washed each other, taking our time to explore each other's body.  He was mostly muscle.  He had a chest full of soft black hair, the way I liked it.  I turned him around and sighed with pleasure, noticing his hairless back.  I ran my Big Tits over his smooth skin, reaching in front to cradle his penis.  His monster dick started growing in my hands . 

II was waiting for him in front of the fireplace on one of my many throw blankets.  He laid down beside me and we fucked all night.  The urgency was gone this time.  I wanted to feel him and touch him.  I wanted to bring him to an orgasm slowly, savoring his smell and touch.  I held his head close to mine and encaptured a kiss.  I moved my hands down the length of his body, feeling his strong muscles.  slapping his firm ass and brought him between my legs.   I creamed running in anticipation of having him fuck me again.  He reared up, pulling my legs farther apart as he inserted his monster cock.   He held me for several moments, both of us savoring his hardness.  He then started moving inside me, with long easy strokes.  I groaned with pleasure, moving my big tits closer to his, ensuring that I felt the full stroke.  He bent down, taking my full lips into his mouth as he continued fucking me.  Our kiss had a depth and urgency of its own, as we clung together and came. 

We held each other for a long time, enjoying the sexual after glow.  I turned on my side, and looked deep in his eyes.  Again, I know I had seen this man before.   So I asked him, and he smiled.  "I am you’re the guy moved in the house beside yours..."  I smiled to my self.  New next door neighbor, huh...  At least something in my life had made a turn for the better!



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